Recovery and Reformation: Asia in a Changing Global Economy

This year’s AGD was held in mixed mode with the in-person morning sessions at Loke Yew Hall, The University of Hong Kong, with live streaming, and the online sessions in the evening to reach the wider global audiences.

In person and live streaming

November 18

0900 - 0910 HKT I Session 1 - Welcome Remarks 

Xiang Zhang, President and Vice-Chancellor, The University of Hong Kong
Victor K Fung, Chairman, Asia Global Institute

0915 - 0920 HKT I Session 2 - Opening Remarks (5-minute recorded speech) 

John Lee, Chief Executive, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

0930 - 1045 HKT I Session 3 - Taking Stock: Assessing the Direction of the Global Economy 

The global economy is under severe stress and the level of uncertainty is high and rising – the continued impact of the pandemic, the fallout from the Ukraine war particularly on food and energy markets, the major power rivalry that is prompting realignment of supply chains and trade patterns, the new normal of high inflation, the prospect of recession, and the mounting disruptions from climate change. What is the outlook for the global economy – and how are businesses and investors coping in this complex and risk-filled environment? This panel will examine both the macro picture and the situation on the ground, focusing on the opportunities and challenges for economies in different regions in a geopolitically complicated world.

Keynote Speech
Michael Spence, Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences and Advisory Board Chairman, Asia Global Institute (20-minute) 

Panel Discussion
Fred Hu, Chairman and Founder, Primavera Capital Group 
Julia Leung, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, Intermediaries, Securities and Futures Commission
Terry Lundgren, Founder, Chief Executive Officer, TJL Advisors, LLC and former Chairman and CEO, Macy’s
Heiwai Tang, Director, Asia Global Institute (moderator) 

1115 - 1230 HKT I Session 4 - Asia in a Changing Economy – Pathways to Green Growth

Where are the new sources of growth and productivity in this challenging global economic environment? How are the region’s economies progressing towards the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and meeting their net-zero commitments? This panel will look at key factors that will contribute to green growth in the region including the development of new business models, new financial products and services, as well as digitalization.

Keynote Speech
Andrew Sheng, Distinguished Fellow, Asia Global Institute (20-minute and moderator) 

Panel Discussion
Sally Chen, Regional Adviser for Asia, Bank for International Settlements
Jonathan Drew, Managing Director, Head of Global Banking Sustainability, Asia-Pacific, HSBC
Barbara Meynert, Advisory Board Member, Asia Global Institute


1830 - 1945 HKT I Session 5 - Asia in a Changing Economy – The Future of Finance and the Challenge of Inequality 
As Hong Kong and other international financial centers emerge from the pandemic and cope with the strains of a volatile global economy and the threats of global warming and growing inequality, how is the financial sector responding to the post-crises challenges and the need to address the socioeconomic tests presented by climate change and the widening income gaps within and between countries and regions? What role can financial services play in this difficult period of recovery and reformation?

Laura Cha, Chairman, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd
Jun Ma, Chairman, Hong Kong Green Finance Association
Samuel Palmisano, Chairman, The Center for Global Enterprise
Eddie Yue, Chief Executive, Hong Kong Monetary Authority
Victor K Fung, Chairman, Asia Global Institute (moderator) 

2000 - 2115 HKT I Session 6 - Deglobalization Debunked: Decoupling or Recoupling – Shaping a New Globalization 
The world’s fraught geopolitics, heightened by the pandemic and the Ukraine war, and repeated financial crises have disrupted the global economy, affecting supply chains, trade relationships and business strategies and prompting moves towards protectionism and nationalism. In this decoupling or recoupling environment, a deglobalization narrative has gained currency. But ongoing efforts in the region to build new frameworks for trade and investment, infrastructure development and even data governance suggest that the quality and pace of globalization are changing. But how? What will be the impact (implications?) of these shifts? What kind of globalization is emerging? 

Fred Bergsten, Nonresident Senior Fellow and Director Emeritus, Peterson Institute for International Economics
James Fok, Author, Financial Cold War, and Financial Advisor
Andrés Velasco, Dean of the School of Public Policy, London School of Economics and Political Science
Jennifer Zhu Scott, Executive Chairman, The Commons Project Foundation
Alejandro Reyes, Director of Knowledge Dissemination and Adjunct Professor, Asia Global Institute (moderator) 

2120 - 2140 HKT I Session 7 - Closing Remarks

Victor K Fung, Chairman, Asia Global Institute
Michael Spence, Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences and Advisory Board Chairman, Asia Global Institute
Heiwai Tang, Director, Asia Global Institute 

*The program is subject to change without prior notice

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